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Trouble Finding a Long-Lasting Roofing Material? Choose Monier Concrete Roof Tiles

23 July 2021

Concrete is an extremely durable material that is used for many projects today, including roofing. It will stand up to heat, rain and other weather and environmental elements. At present, Monier® is the leading brand of concrete roof tiles and boasts that the concrete in the tiles keeps hardening and strengthening over the years with […]

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How to Maximise Your Energy Savings with Monier Solar Roofing?

08 July 2021

Monier Solar Roofing can help you lower ever-increasing energy costs and free you from being tied to electricity grids, while enhancing and adding value to your home. Investing in solar power now can have an immediate impact on your energy bill and will deliver reduced costs for years to come. Here’s how you can maximise […]

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How to Spot Poor-Quality Concrete Roof Tiles and Improper Roof Installation?

24 June 2021

All homeowners must take the quality of their roof seriously since it play a crucial role in the protection of the entire structure, regardless of its size. When the installation of it is properly performed, the roof will last for many years and offer an optimal amount of protection. However, if you receive a poor-quality […]

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DIY Roofing Dangers and the Use of Low Quality Roofing Tiles

07 June 2021

Dealing with roof problems on your own can be tempting. With the advent of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that guarantee great results for a bargain, more people are opting for DIY, instead of hiring roofing professionals because they are motivated by the belief that they will save money. But it is exactly this kind of thinking […]

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What Makes Monier Tiles an Ideal Roofing Material for Australia’s Modern and Contemporary Homes?

25 May 2021

Today, there is a wide variety of house styles here in Australia made by home builders. The reputable builders choose all their materials with extra care to ensure that their homes are more durable, attractive and functional than the builders who turn out cheap houses that do not have the same appeal as the better-built […]

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