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Things to Consider Before Deciding On Your Next Tile Roofing Installation

21 October 2020

Today, the average cost of tile roofing installation can be considered as an expense that lies way over the budget. For such a costly investment, you need to make sure that you choose the right contractor as well as materials for your reroofing project. Aside from that, there are so much more to keep in […]

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What are the Key Elements in a Home Reroofing Project?

12 October 2020

Whether you are a real estate developer who is renovating a large apartment complex, a property investor installing a new roof to increase the value of a home property or the owner of a single-family home who needs to replace your old, worn or cracked roofing, it is good to heed the advice of re-roofing […]

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Monier Roof Tiles: The Best Weatherproofing Option for Your Home

28 September 2020

At times, when your roof suffers storm or other weather damage, it is time to replace it instead of just a quick repair. This is a perfect opportunity to change to a different roofing material that will hold up more effective to wind, rain or other weather occurrences. With so many choices today, though, it […]

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Water Pooling and Ponding on Flat Roof Tiles: Why Should it Be Fixed Immediately?

10 September 2020

Water pooling and ponding should be a primary concern with any type of roofing, including tile since it can occur with any style of roof, home or building, especially during the colder months of the year, unless proper measures are taken. Moisture is the main cause of this issue, and it happens when the heated […]

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Do You Want a New Tile Roof? Then Upgrade to Monier Tile Roofing Products

28 August 2020

Notwithstanding the engineering style, there will be a Monier rooftop tile to supplement the plan and guarantee a striking exterior for quite a long time to come. Earthenware rooftop tiles are an extraordinary venture choice for their inalienable, enduring and quality highlights. Increasing the value of any home, earthenware rooftop tiles have enduring quality, strength […]

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