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Monier™ Terracotta Roof Tiles: Making Rainwater in Tanks Clean and Safe

19 August 2019

Collecting rainwater from the roof runoff in tanks has been practiced for centuries to conserve water. The roof materials play an important part on what you can and cannot use this rainwater for on your property. With the right roof materials, it is even clean and safe enough for drinking. Terracotta is one of the […]

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Reasons That Make Monier™ InlineSOLAR™ Panels a Practical Roofing Addition

06 August 2019

Many homeowners are turning to solar power at least partially to reduce their dependency on traditional electricity sources. Monier™ has helped in this goal by offering its own line of solar panels. As a result, to add solar to Monier™ Concrete or Terracotta roofing tiles, you need look no further than the company’s InlineSOLAR panels. […]

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What Makes Monier™ Concrete Tile Impervious to Frost and Ice

16 July 2019

When selecting a new roof, one feature to look for is high durability in all types of weather, especially during the winter months of the year. After all, it is the winter weather that causes frost and ice to occur on roofs. This can make the tiles or other roofing materials wear out quickly unless […]

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Do Roof Tiles Become More Porous Over Time?

02 July 2019

Many homeowners are turning to terracotta or concrete roofing tiles for their roofs, while others fear that these tiles become more porous over the years. Since these materials start off with the ability to absorb water easily during their manufacturing process, it is not surprising that the latter group may think this way. With this […]

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The Money-Saving Benefits of a Timely Re-Roofing Using Monier™ Roof Tiles

17 June 2019

When it is time to refurbish your roof, if your roof is still in viable condition with no signs of structural damage and consists of only one layer of roofing materials, you can opt for re-roofing which is less expensive than roof replacement is. This means that you have caught your roof’s aging issues in […]

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