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Understanding Monier Roofing Tiles C-Loc Technology

28 January 2021

Selecting the right roof for your house is one of the most serious decisions that you may ever make for your home since it makes up about one-third of your house’s exterior. It has a significant influence on your home’s curb appeal for this reason. Without the correct roofing material, the roof may negatively impact […]

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The Importance of First Flush Diverter System for Monier Roof Tiles

15 January 2021

First flush diverters are a basic segment in any rain harvesting system. These gadgets redirect and catch the most polluted, dregs loaded water that washes into your lines from your roof during the first starting millimetres of a downpour. When this defiled water is caught, the diverters seal to permit the ensuing, cleaner water to […]

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Time to Prep Your Roof for the Summer by Adding Monier InLine Solar Roofing

14 December 2020

Summer season is the most favourable time for reroofing projects due to many reasons. First, the temperatures are ideal for reroofing or roof replacement as compared to the chilly weather of the winter. Secondly, roofers have a less hectic schedule in the summer. There is also less chance of rain interfering with the roofing task […]

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Renovate Your Home in Style by Installing High Quality Monier Roof Tiles

04 December 2020

Many people often make the mistake of thinking that their roof is not an important consideration when it comes to renovating your home in style. Your roof not only protects your home and everything inside but is also one of the largest and most obvious features that people see when they look at a home. […]

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The Monier Difference: Why Choose Superior, Why Choose Monier?

26 November 2020

Monier roofs are of fine calibre roofing supplies offering a variety of excellent roofing tile materials, styles, patterns and colours that ensure long-term durability and elegant, stylish curb appeal for your home or business. Higgins Roofing has been providing Monier approved products for top quality roofing and re-roofing services throughout the city of Melbourne and […]

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