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<h1>Re-Roofing Specialists<br />Melbourne</h1><p>Looking to replace your old tiled roof? We are a leading re-roofing specialist with over 50 years experience providing re-roofing services to all parts of Melbourne.<br /><a href="contact-us">Obtain Quote</a></p> <h1>“InlineSOLAR”</h1><p>Incorporate InlineSOLAR seamlessly into your new roof or re-roof today! Contact us for a quote.<br /><a href="contact-us">Contact Us</a></p> <h1>RE-ROOFING, NEW ROOFS, EXTENSIONS</h1><p>We provide free, no obligation quotes for re-roofing, extensions and new roofs including multi dwelling developments using Monier approved products that come with a 50 year performance guarantee.<br /><a href="contact-us">Contact Us</a></p> <h1>ELEMENTAL ROOFING SPECIALIST</h1><p>We now supply and install the Monier Elemental series of lightweight, low pitch roofing products” Contact us for a Elemental quote today.<br /><a href="contact-us">Contact Us</a></p>



New Roofs

Higgins Roofing are specialists in providing new tiled roofs throughout Melbourne.



Higgins Roofing are a leading Re-Roofing specialist in Melbourne.


Roof Restoration

We have over 50 years experience providing quality roof restoration services.


Roof Extensions

We are experts in Concrete & Terracotta roof tiling.


Inline Solar

Higgins Roofing are specialists in installing InlineSolar™ throughout Melbourne.


Higgins Roofing GUARANTEES

7 year guarantee on all work

Monier 50 year product performance guarantee


"I was quoted an absurd amount of money to clean & re-spray my home, luckily I gave Higgins Roofing a call.. within a day Glenn had visited my residence and provided a quote to re-roof my home in new Terracotta tiles for a price cheaper than my re-spray quote. Could not be happier with the result!"

Margaret – Surrey Hills

"We used Higgins Roofing when building our French Provincial family home. Our tiler Fred did a fantastic job. The whole process was faultless. We went with the Monier Nullabor profile which came up great"

Graham – Balwyn

"The staff at Higgins Roofing were fantastic. Always contactable, respectable and very helpful. Would definitely recommend their services to anyone requiring a tiled roof"

Irene - Rosanna


Monier Terracotta Tile Re-roofing
13 May 2024

The Monier Terracotta Tile Re-roofing Transformation

Transform your home with Monier Terracotta Tile re-roofing in Melbourne. Elevate aesthetics and durability. Reach out to Higgins Roofing now to learn more! If your existing roof shows signs of age or damage, or simply lacks the aesthetic charm you desire, Monier Terracotta Tile re-roofing can breathe new life into your abode. This transformative process […]

30 April 2024

Concrete Roof Tile Installer: The Higgins Roofing Advantage with Monier Concrete Tiles

Higgins Roofing is your trusted and reliable Monier concrete roof tile installer in Melbourne. Exceptional quality and reliability are guaranteed. Call us! Higgins Roofing has established itself as a trusted name in the roofing industry, offering exceptional services as a concrete roof tile installer in Melbourne. With a team of skilled professionals and a commitment […]

11 April 2024

Monier Roof Tile Extensions: Key Factors in Crafting Stunning Roof Extensions

Elevate your home with Monier roof tile extensions from Higgins Roofing in Melbourne. Discover key factors for crafting stunning roof extensions. Call us! Enhancing your living space is a dream shared by many homeowners, and a well-executed roof extension can be the perfect solution to unlock additional square footage while adding character and value to […]