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Over-The-Counter Roof Patch vs. Reliable Roof Repair: Which One Works Best?

09 August 2022

The best time to start looking for a new roof is now, even if you don’t have any damage but are thinking about doing so before it wears out. During the winter, even a minor issue might snowball into a major one. The cold temperature causes materials to compress, resulting to shatter and crack. Brittleness […]

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Pitched Roof Extension: What Are the Considerations?

28 July 2022

Whether you would like to add a roof to your porch, gazebo or pergola to refresh your outside space, it is always better to use semi-transparent roofing materials that will let in plenty of light and add lots of styles. When planning outdoor-roofed areas such as patios, carports, pergolas, and conservatories, builders and homeowners have […]

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Tile Roof Restoration vs. Tile Re-roofing: What are the Differences?

13 July 2022

Your roof plays an essential role because they serve as the first defence from various extreme weather conditions and constant exposure to sunlight, especially for tile roofs. Thus, keeping the good quality condition of your roof is very important. Your tile roof can fail because of regular wear and tear and the longer you delay […]

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Monier Inline Solar: Improving Energy Efficiency Without Compromising Roof Design

29 June 2022

When dealing with tiled roofing, architects and designers have more options thanks to the InlineSolar series of solar panels offered by Monierin partnership with Bradford Solar. All of Monier’s concrete and terracotta roofing tiles may be installed with InlineSolar without any problems. It is offered in the industry-standard black-framed panels, and there is also an […]

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Red Flags to Look For When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

14 June 2022

There are good and bad contractors in the roofing sector, as well as those that fall somewhere in between. When it comes to hiring a contractor, it’s typically up to the homeowner to do their due diligence. It’s understandable to want to go with the cheapest choice. A roofing contractor is one of those services […]

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