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Monier Roofing Tiles that Can Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions

09 November 2019

Australia is presumed to experience harsh weather conditions and extreme climate changes, particularly in the coastline. People residing in those areas with that kind of normal occurrences must equip their homes with the sturdiest materials so that they can ensure the safety of their families and properties. Out of all the external features of a […]

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What are the Advantages of Monier C-LOC™ Technology?

17 October 2019

Selecting the right roof for your house is one of the most serious decisions that you may ever make for your home since it makes up about one-third of your house’s exterior. It has a significant influence on your home’s curb appeal for this reason. Without the correct roofing material, the roof may negatively impact […]

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What Makes Monier™ Terracotta Roof Tiles Ideal for a 12-Degree Pitched Roofing System

04 October 2019

When you have a roof that contains a 12-degree pitch like so many of the modern houses today, you must be careful of the roofing tiles that you select for it, as not all are suitable for this type of roofing system. Some materials will simply blow off the roof of this type. Thanks to […]

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Use Monier™ Terracotta Roofing Tiles for Your Roofing Project This Spring

20 September 2019

Spring is the ideal time of year here in Australia to perform many home-improvement tasks, including a roofing project. Do not proceed with plans for this latter project until you know the benefits of using Monier™ terracotta roofing tiles for it. We elaborate on these advantages in the facts that follow. Terracotta Has Been Used […]

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The Pros and Cons of a Low-Slope Roofing System

03 September 2019

One of the choices that you need to make when designing a house is whether it will have a steep-slope or low-slope roof. We are certain that you have seen both of these styles at one time or another. It depends upon the style of your home as to which type of roof slope works […]

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