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Why DIY is Not a Great Idea for a Tile Roof Restoration

26 May 2022

One of the most overlooked areas of house care is the restoration or upkeep of the roof. It’s common for homeowners to spend money on gardening and painting, yet neglect to inspect their roofs. This might have long-term repercussions that are expensive to deal with.

So, should you be doing your roof repair or should you hire a professional? It’s not out of the question. In reality, it isn’t that difficult. However, you’ll need to climb to the top of your roof to achieve this, which will need some effort. For most homeowners, the best option is to hire a roof restoration firm. In many cases, outsourcing this type of job is preferable to putting one’s life in danger and spending days on a roof in the freezing weather. In addition to specialised equipment, cleaning chemicals, and skilled tradesmen, roof repair businesses may provide you with a high-quality finished product.

If you’re thinking of doing a roof restoration on your own, here’s everything you need to know about the process. Here is a complete list of our roof restoration options.

Expertise Requirement for Proper Assessment

The first step is to have your roof thoroughly inspected for signs of damage. This will necessitate a complete inspection of your roof from top to bottom, looking for any signs of damage. There will be a lot of damaged or cracked tiles, metal sheets penetrated by hail or falling items, and even ancient tiles that are at risk of shattering. It is also checked to determine whether the roof is leaking in particular areas. Damaged areas should be documented in photos so that they may be repaired in a logical order. Depending on the size of the roof, the evaluation procedure might take an hour or more. You don’t want to overlook any areas of damage at this step in the roof restoration process.

The Hazard that Comes With It

To access the roof surface for replacement or repair, you must utilise a ladder or a scaffolding platform. Because most householders do not have access to the protective gear needed by professional roofers, this poses a danger of serious harm. When it comes to roofing, it’s better to leave it to the professionals who have been trained and certified to do the job.

It Might Cost You More

Many people undertake do-it-yourself home improvement tasks to save money. Do-it-yourself roofing, on the other hand, might lead to additional costs in the future as a result of poor work. Do-it-yourself mistakes will necessitate expert intervention at some point, which will raise the expense of the roof repair because the specialists will have to remove your faulty work to fix it properly.

Higher Material Cost

Due to rising material costs, DIY roofing might sometimes end up costing you more. For shingles, felt, and flashings, roofers may save money by purchasing in quantity, and they can take advantage of volume discounts to further reduce their costs. You’ll pay a premium price for those supplies if you have to buy them yourself in tiny amounts, which will dramatically increase the expense of your project.

Why Monier?

At Monier, we have a very strong understanding of the purpose of our company’s existence. We are here to assist you in maintaining the safety of the people you care about. Because we have been providing this service for more than a century, Monier roofs are resistant to the damaging effects of hail, wind, and rain. In both the Australian and New Zealand building sectors, Monier has a long and illustrious heritage that the company is quite proud of. Monier tiles have been a reliable roofing option for a long time, holding up to the harsh weather that we experience in Australia and New Zealand. This began with the company’s first terracotta tile and has since expanded to include a wide variety of products.

The lasting success of Monier is predicated on the company’s dedication to providing exceptional customer service, continually innovating new roofing solutions, and manufacturing them in Australia. The sort of innovation that has resulted in the creation of the Monier SOLARtileTM, which is Australia’s first integrated, modular flat solar tile system, as well as the development of the Monier Composite Lightweight roofing system. Give us a call right now!