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Why Choosing Monier Roofs Is the Best Decision You Can Ever Make

24 August 2022

Monier Roofing has developed roofing solutions that are constructed to withstand the severe weather conditions that are common in Australia. These products offer superior energy efficiency, colour retention over time, and resale value.

Monier Roofing, an Australian company that has been in the roofing manufacturing business for more than a century, stresses the importance of choosing the right kind of roof for a building because it not only accounts for thirty per cent of the building’s exterior facade and makes a significant aesthetic contribution, but it also affects the way the building functions.

Why Monier Roofs?

There isn’t a company that can compete with Monier when it comes to providing high-quality roof tiles. Monier is a roofing company that has been in business for more than a century and designs, manufactures, and supplies tiles and other roofing solutions exclusively for the Australian and New Zealand markets. This means that their products are constructed to withstand the sun, wind, rain, and hail that are common in the Australian climate. Traditional terracotta roof tiles are just one of the many types of tiles that Monier manufactures today. They now create solar tiles and concrete tiles in addition to their original line of terracotta roof tiles.

Cost-Efficient Without Compromising Quality

Concrete and terracotta tiles offered by Monier Roofing have a lower embodied energy, which indicates that less energy has been consumed throughout the manufacturing process in comparison to other roofing materials. Monier Roofing was the first company to launch an integrated SOLAR tile to reduce the energy consumption of residential buildings in Australia.

Aussie-Made for Aussi-Life

The Concrete, Terracotta, and Elemental roof tiles offered by Monier are specially crafted to withstand the severe weather conditions that are common in Australia. These tiles will not rust or corrode when they are close to salt water, they will not dent when there is hail, and they will not fade as quickly as other roofing products.

Longevity, Sturdiness, and Resiliency

Roofing systems from Monier are built to withstand the test of time. Although metal roofs have been “tested” for the past 50 years, Monier’s roof tiles have been proven for the past 100 years or more and come with a performance warranty that is valid for the next 50 years for both concrete and terracotta tiles. The Elemental collection of composite lightweight tiles offered by Monier has been developed to withstand weights of up to 300 kg while retaining their strength while being ten times lighter than conventional tiles.

Aesthetics and Colour Performance

To meet the growing demand for long-lasting roofing tiles, Monier Roofing has created a new colour technology that beats any other roofing material now on the market. Terracotta tiles from Monier come with a 50-year colour performance guarantee and will not fade even if their colour performance is 78% greater than Colorbond steel. Residents can also choose to repaint or respray their roof to change the colour. The guarantee is not voided if you use Monier’s line of colour coatings.

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