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What Is Roof Sarking for Roofing Tiles? When Do You Need It?

05 March 2019

Roof sarking is a flexible laminated membrane for use under roofing for tiles for added protection to the roof’s structural components. It is applied at the time of the roof installation prior to setting the tiles into place. It depends upon the size of your roof as to whether Australian building codes mandate the use of sarking. We provide you further explanation of what sarking is, when to install it and the benefits of having it as part of your roofing system in the following details.

What Is Sarking?

Sarking is a flexible membrane that contains various materials, such as polystyrene, reflective foil or felt, depending upon the brand of it. If it contains foil, though, it can reflect heat as well as perform its other functions. Sarking acts as a second, protective skin for the roof under the roofing tiles and helps prevent rain and other elements from penetrating into the sheathing and beyond. Also, it can shield the interior of the building from dust invasion during draught. On top of this, it can increase the thermal performance of the roof.

When to Use Sarking?

The Building Code of Australia or BCA mandates that sarking is necessary for any new residential roofs that contain rafters longer than six metres. Also, it is recommended that any tile roof with a pitch lower than 20 degrees should contain sarking. Today, though, many roofers offer sarking with all of their roofs, regardless of the size of it for extra moisture protection and other benefits. Refer to the next section for more information on the benefits of using roof sarking with your roofing tiles.

The Benefits of Installing Sarking

• Sarking provides storm protection for roofs and even can help channel rain runoff into the gutters
• Roof sarking will act as a dust barrier, especially in times of draught
• A layer of sarking protects the roof cavity
• Roof sarking offers superior moisture resistance to roofs since it prevents water from seeping into the sheathing
• Increase your tile roof’s thermal performance by adding sarking to it
• Roof sarking provides protection from bushfires, and therefore, is ideal for homes in bushfire-prone areas

For additional details about what roof sarking is and when you need to install it as part of your tile roof, contact Higgins Roofing. We specialise in installing all sizes of residential roofs using Monier™ roofing tiles. Our company provides sarking whenever it is mandated or when our clients request it. Not only do we guarantee our workmanship and materials, but you also will receive a warranty for the Monier™ roof tiles of your choice.