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Tropical Cyclones and Storms: Extreme Weather Conditions against Monier Roof Tiles

21 November 2019

Efficiency is measured when a certain tool or equipment is able to function the way it is supposed to and even beyond. As such, it is of utmost importance that objects function well, otherwise it will be deemed as useless and obliterated. Same goes with roof tiles. They are heavily used as a weather barrier against hot weather and exposure to salt air. Aside from that, Monier roof tiles can also prevent the accumulation of rainfall during cloudbursts. Monier roof tiles are also said to protect every home from extreme weather conditions such as tropical cyclones and storms.

Less Inclined for Damage

During a building material response test conducted at the Cyclone Testing Station at James Cook University, the Monier roof tiles and sheeting proved to be able to overcome extreme weather conditions such as tropical cyclones and storms. Monier roof tiles resulted into little to no damage even after an impact from a hail and ice balls that are significantly larger in size, density and speed than that from extreme weather events.


The study made use of the Monier roof tile ANSI FM4473 Standard model with a 35mm ice ball with a speed of 80km/h and a 60mm ice ball with a speed of 100 km/h. These two ice balls were projected using a wind-driven debris simulator. The projected ice balls were perceived to have the same density as a watermelon. However, these ice balls shattered upon impact with the concrete Monier roof tile. The roof tile was highly intact even with that amount of weight and force. These test results guaranteed the superiority of Monier roof tiles, thus, demonstrating their resilience in the face of severe weather conditions.


Despite the moisture present in the simulated hailstone, the Monier roof tile was proven to be non-corrosive and less likely to rust given the circumstances. This proved to be highly ideal for the many Australians who live in coastal towns and cities throughout Australia. Concrete tiles also get stronger with age and provide better thermal insulation.

Monier roof tiles are indeed an ideal material that can withstand extreme weather conditions such as tropical cyclones and storms. With their 50 year product performance guarantee, you can be assured that purchasing Monier roof tiles will be the best option for you. We at Higgins Roofing are able to supply and install your home with such Monier roof tiles at the best rate you can find. We are also accredited CSR roofing specialists. We have become one of Melbourne’s largest supply and installation companies operating throughout all suburbs of Melbourne, servicing Australian homeowners the highest quality roofing products and installation. (Monier)

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