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Tile Roof Restoration vs. Tile Re-roofing: What are the Differences?

13 July 2022

Your roof plays an essential role because they serve as the first defence from various extreme weather conditions and constant exposure to sunlight, especially for tile roofs. Thus, keeping the good quality condition of your roof is very important. Your tile roof can fail because of regular wear and tear and the longer you delay the repairs, the more you put your property at potential risk. If you notice some indication that your tile roof is becoming weak and you are not sure if it requires an immediate tile roof restoration or tile re-roofing, here are the differences between the two.


The tile roof restoration process goes beyond just fixing your tile roof. This method is a great way to enhance the safety of your living space as well as boost its aesthetic appeal. After a thorough cleaning and inspection, broken tiles are being removed to be replaced with new ones. And in case of loose tiles, it will just be re-bedded.

Tile re-roofing, however, involves the complete removal of your existing roof tiles and the other roof materials to be replaced with new tiles. Tile re-roofing is required for irreparable and persistent tile roof problems. Undergoing a re-roofing process is a good opportunity for you to redesign your roof and give it a new look.


Tile roof restoration Is very cost-effective. Homeowners prefer tile roof restoration over re-roofing because the expense is a lot cheaper. Since it only involves resurfacing the original roof, you will only have to spend lesser labour and material costs.

Tile re-roofing, however, needs a complete roof replacement. This is because the process will require tile roof removal, complex labour, and more materials to purchase, thereby making it a more expensive process.


The easiest way to know if your roof requires a tile roof restoration is to see some indications of broken or cracked tiles. Moulds, signs of corrosion, and sagging are also some signs you need to be mindful about. Thus, when doing a tile roof restoration, you will have to use more paint and coat the damage which can be harmful to the environment. However, it eliminates tons of roofing waste which can only end up in landfills.

Tile re-roofing is likewise an eco-friendly choice. Opting for tile re-roofing means you have the choice to replace your old roof with eco-friendly roofing materials.


You may be wondering why there are some instances, especially during heavy rains wherein you notice leaks. This issue could be caused by a lot of factors, but the most common causes of roof leaking are extreme weather conditions and at times, falling debris or branches. Undertaking a tile roof restoration helps extend the life of your roof and add more years to it. Tile roof restoration lessens your worry about deterioration, damage and leaking for a long period. It increases the longevity of your roof. Opting for tile roof restoration can add up to 5 to 10 years to your roof’s lifespan.

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