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Monier™ Terracotta Roof Tiles: A Heritage-Preserving Tile Technology

02 April 2019

The use of terracotta for various purposes dates back approximately six thousand years. Its history of being used for roof tiles here in Australia dates back to the late 1800s with the Federation-styled homes. These houses had complex roof designs that provided an air of grandeur to them. You can still see examples of these homes throughout this country. Today, Monier™ is carrying on this history with its quality terracotta roof tiles, which are made with a heritage-preserving tile technology.

Monier™ Makes Each Terracotta Roofing Tile by Hand

Just as many of the original terracotta tiles, Monier™ makes theirs by hand moulding them into the various profiles that they offer. Each one receives the same attention to ensure that every detail is to perfection.

Monier™ Terracotta Roof Tiles Contain Local, Raw Materials

All of this company’s terracotta tiles contain raw materials from the Vermont area of Australia. On top of this, Monier™ chooses the materials carefully to ensure a continuity of quality between batches.

Terracotta Roofing Tiles by Monier™ Are Energy-Efficient All Throughout the Year

After installation, these tiles provide high thermal performance any time of the year. They help your house to be cooler in warm weather and warmer in cold weather. Also, it allows your roof to breathe, which reduces the risk of condensation, mildew and mould. Even the manufacturing process for these tiles is energy-efficient.

Monier™ Guarantees That the Colour of These Tiles Will Last a Lifetime

The colour of these tiles will last throughout the lifespan of them since Monier™ locks it into each tile. As a result, your roof will not fade with sun exposure or with age.

Monier™ Terracotta Roofing Tiles Offer Design Flexibility

Another benefit of these tiles is the fact that they come in different profiles and numerous colours. Regardless of the style or colour theme of your home, you can find a Monier™ terracotta tile that will be suitable and complementary.

Terracotta Roof Tiles by Monier™ Are Highly Durable

The durability of these tiles is superior to many of the other brands available today. That is why you receive a 50-year guarantee from Monier™. Just as the Terracotta Army has endured for thousands of years without deteriorating completely to dust, these tiles hold up the tradition of this durability today.

For additional facts about Monier™ terracotta tiles and its heritage-preserving tile technology, contact Higgins Roofing. We specialise in all types of roofing services, and we are an authorised distributor of all of Monier™ roofing tiles. Our company delivers quality workmanship that we back up with a guarantee of satisfaction.