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Monier™ Concrete Flat Tiles and SOLARtiles™ – The Perfect Pair for Solar Roofing

17 December 2019

Monier™ concrete flat tiles are the most economical and durable roofing material on the market. Just like concrete bridges and the structural elements of buildings, concrete tiles get stronger with age as they continue to harden being baked in the sun. Indeed, concrete flat tiles truly embrace the harsh elements.

On the other hand, Monier™ SOLARtiles™ are solar solutions that allow you to integrate with concrete profiles such as Madison, Georgian, Cambridge and Horizon. The SOLARtiles™ are designed to withstand the elements alongside all Monier tiles. They are strong, hail-proof and at less risk from wind strain or debris than standard systems.

As such, they are proven to be the perfect pair for solar roofing due to their characteristics and functionality. Below are some of them.

Seamless Solar Roofing

As mentioned previously, concrete flat tiles range of Horizon, Madison, Cambridge and Georgian integrates seamlessly with the unique SOLARtile™ system to achieve a superior aesthetic appeal for your home. Since the solar tiles are compatible with the said concrete profiles, there is no need to cut, grind or drill through your existing roof during installation.

Colour Longevity and Flexibility

Monier™ concrete flat tiles come in the widest range of colours and profiles and you have the ability to update the look of your roof with a simple re-coat. You also have a choice of colour technologies to retain the look, beauty and re-sale value of your home. These options are popular due to their colour longevity and flexibility. In fact, it is said that Monier’s standard concrete flat tile range has a 78 percent better colour performance than standard COLORBOND® Steel. Aside from that, Monier C-LOC™ Colour Lock Technology has an eight times better colour performance than standard COLORBOND® Steel

Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions

Concrete flat tiles are perceived to be genuinely made for Australian weather conditions. These tiles love the beach and marine life. They will not rust or corrode near salt water like metal roofs. Concrete is also a great fire-safe option. As mentioned above, if you integrate concrete flat tiles with SOLARtile™, you will be able to produce solar roofing that can withstand the elements alongside all Monier tiles. They are deemed as strong, hail-proof, and less risky from wind strain or debris than standard systems.

If you are in the market for Monier™ concrete flat tiles and SOLARtile™, avail them from Higgins Roofing for a perfect solar roofing system. We are considered as professional roof tilers that perform the installation of Monier and Wunderlich roof tiles in Australia. We are extremely dedicated to offer Australian homeowners the highest quality roofing products and installation suited to their needs and preferences.