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Integrated Solar Roofing with Inline Solar by Monier

08 September 2022

Roof integrated solar, also known as Inline Solar by Monier, involves replacing roof tiles or slates with solar panels mounted lower on the roofline. This gives the impression that the solar panels were always intended to be a part of the house, as opposed to rack-mounted systems that are mounted above the roof, which gives the impression that they were an afterthought.

There is little question that roof integration has aesthetic benefits, but going in-roof also offers several practical advantages.

Easy Installation

All tiles must be affixed to new roofs or additions added to existing structures following new standards, which stipulate that nails or clips must be used. Because of this, installing inline solar roofing by Monier after that will be quite challenging. To reach the roof structure underneath and connect fastening brackets, tiles may need to be cracked. When replacing missing tiles in line with the roof fixing standard, it is probable that an adhesive bond will be required between the tile being replaced and the tiles surrounding it.

On the other hand, Monier’s integrated inline solar roofing can be placed without much difficulty in a new roof. Before roofing professionals replace the roof covering surrounding solar panels, solar specialists can remedy any issues with the panels themselves, including any flashing issues.

When adding solar panels to an existing roof, integrated systems frequently require more labour than those mounted above the roof. Weathering around many fastening hooks, on the other hand, can be time-consuming. Removing a section of roof tiles or slates does not take significantly more time, and the resulting spare roof tiles are an excellent match for any repairs that may be necessary for the future.


Solar panels are expected to have a lifespan of at least thirty years. During this period, it is quite likely that the covering for the roof will require either repair or replacement. Because an on-roof system will have tiles or slates underneath the panels, the whole solar roof system would need to be decommissioned and removed before even a single tile could be replaced. A straightforward activity that may be completed by a roofing professional while standing on a roof ladder has evolved into a large assignment that calls for the utilization of scaffolding and the participation of an electrician or solar installation. Because there are no tiles behind the panels in a roof integrated solar installation, any roofing repairs may be completed while the solar system remains in its current location.

Better Protection with Inline Solar Roof System

Solar panels installed atop the roof provide a protected and secluded region behind them where birds can perch or nest. Householders who have solar systems colonized in this fashion have reported several problems, including noise and fouling of the panels, walls, and roads below the nests. Although this may first appear like a wonderful thing to do, it has many negatives. Spikes and netting are being used around the perimeter of above-roof solar installations to prevent birds from landing on them, which further diminishes the visual value of these systems.

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