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Insulation, Ventilation, and Sarking: Monier’s Roofing Essentials that Will Help You Reduce Energy Bills

28 February 2020

Monier terracotta tiles are not only a sustainable product of natural beauty, they also provide a long-lasting and functional purpose since their colour never fades. The enduring colour is created during the firing process to leave you with a roof that will never require retreating and very little maintenance over its life. This makes terracotta roof tiles the ultimate roofing choice.

Ensuring you pick the right roof can make or break the look of your home. With the roof making up to 30% of the façade of your home, it’s no wonder making the right choice is important. First impressions definitely count in increasing the value of your home. One particular component of Monier roof tiles is its ability to be energy efficient. Below are Monier roofing essentials – insulation, ventilation and sarking capabilities that will help you reduce energy bills.


Insulation products slow the transfer of heat and cold through your ceiling, resulting in the regulation of temperature within living spaces all year round.


The final component of an effective roofing system is roof ventilation. A wind powered ventilation system plays the key role of minimising temperature build up in the roof space by extracting trapped hot air and replacing it with cooler, ambient air from outside. Ventilation is recommended if sarking is used. Your roof can significantly benefit from ventilation since it expels hot air from your roof space in summer, exhausts damp air in winter, reduces air conditioning load and helps reduce energy costs.


You only get one chance to install sarking and that is when you install a new roof. At Monier, we believe the benefits of sarking far outweigh the incremental cost of the product. Sarking is a flexible membrane that is laid under the roof battens during the installation of a new roof. Monier recommends the use of sarking for all new roofs irrespective of roof pitch, terrain category or location for a lot of reasons. First, Monier roofing essentials reflect up to 95 percent of radiant heat entering your roof space, contributing a reflective r-value which improves the overall thermal insulation value of the roof structure. Aside from that, it also reduces air leakage from inside the roof structure, allowing insulation to work more effectively which ultimately improves the energy efficiency of your home. It also provides additional protection for your home from wind driven rain and dust ingress. y, it provides compliance to Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)  bush fire ember attack requirements in accordance as3959 by providing a secondary form of ember protection for the roof space.

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