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Important Considerations for the Right Monier Roof Tile Colour

11 October 2022

You’re probably aware that the roof is the centrepiece of every home. It is the area where the viewer’s attention will be drawn first, and the appeal of the roof can make or break a purchase. According to research, when somebody sees your house for the first time, their view of your roof takes up approximately forty per cent of their field of vision. That implies that a fantastic layout or an appealing colour scheme can dramatically transform your home’s appearance, but the opposite is true. To solve this problem, roof tiles in today’s market come in various patterns and hues, in contrast to the limited options available in the past.

When choosing the perfect colour for your Monier roofing, you should base your decision on the criteria outlined in this paragraph.

The Style of Architecture

When selecting the colour of roofing for your “dream home,” the architectural style of your current home is a very important issue to consider. This includes everything from the general subject of the house to the particular design and message it wants to confirm in its guests. Terracotta, antique red, or coffee may be used to decorate the exterior of a house with an antique style, or that has a conventional appearance on a single level. Brighter colours or unique hues are possibilities for decorating a contemporary box-style home with a very small roof surface area. Your choice of paint colours should therefore consider the building’s architecture.

Colour Palette

When choosing a colour for your roofing tiles, the overall colour scheme of your home should be the first thing you consider. Everything from the paint to the wall claddings and the landscaping you envision for your home is included in the colour scheme. In addition, the colour of the roof tiles has to be coordinated with the overall colour scheme. Some colours, like white, will go on with all the colours, but if you want your walls, pillars, or sidings to be a specific colour, you should consider that. To serve you, we have compiled a short list of colours and the roof tile colours that best fit them. The following chart will provide information regarding the houses’ colours and the roof colours that work best with those homes.

The Capability Of Absorbing Heat

When it comes to choosing roof tiles, this is another essential aspect to take into consideration. It is a well-established fact in the scientific community that lighter colours reflect more heat, but darker colours such as black are better at retaining it. If you choose a colour that is less attractive for the sake of appearance, you should be aware that this choice may also have an impact on the temperature within your home. Even though the combination of black and white is considered to be one of the most traditional colour schemes, we would advise you to consider other shades instead, such as coffee, deep grey, galaxy, etc., unless your home has a ventilation and cooling system that has been carefully designed and meticulously constructed.

Therefore, before choosing your next roofing material, consider all these considerations. We offer the widest range of colour options found in Australia and have the infrastructure to deliver the product to you.

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