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Check Out These Five Design Inspirations and Trends for Your Monier Roof

13 October 2021

In this article, you will discover eight shocking trends, right starting from the Hamptons, to the metropolitan urban communities of Australia. Each look contains material and shading choices needed to make the look you need, starting from the roof.


The celebrated Hamptons way of life of lighthearted summer living has propelled the famous beachfront pattern in Australia, with the Hamptons style dressing a home both all around. The mark qualities of the Hamptons home incorporate shingle roofing, Georgian windows, French entryways and an extensive verandah matched with a muffled shading range in greys and differentiating white trims. For a more strong and dependable form, the uprightness of block for the outside in lighter stone shades sets off the Hamptons home while giving it a valid Australian feel.

Metropolitan Industrial

Downtown living and the transformation of mechanical spaces, for example, distribution centres and studios into private abodes motivates the advanced stylish of Urban Industrial. A blend of crude materials, for example, block and recovered woods are largely noticeable components on the façade, with completes the process of shifting from impeccably powder-covered to rusted and worn. Shading ranges are kept straightforward and moderately irritable – charcoal and dark being noticeable decisions counterbalanced by warm gritty tones of reds and tans. Inventive utilisation of roof tiles adds a mechanical feel to the outside.

Ultra Contemporary

The substance of the Ultra Contemporary style home is found in mid-century pioneer engineering which values unadorned effortlessness. A wide scope of outside completes are utilised including render, weatherboard, substantial cladding or block – however, the spotless lines, precise shapes and cubic forms in the engineering of the house are truly what makes it contemporary. Skillion style roofs are well known in the Ultra Contemporary home, making Monier’s level scope of roof tiles the ideal choice.

Australian Coastal

The design of the Australian Coastal intends to catch the excellent and extraordinary landscape; which is normally comprised of regular materials, for example, endured wood and stone, this style is impeccably fit to local environmental elements.

Tones mix into sand and ocean – a blend of gritty and light regular tones catch the range of the Australian coastline. Features of reused or recovered materials advance feasible practices. Australian Coastal’s structure materials should withstand the cruel components and be strong in extreme seaside conditions, making Monier roof tiles the ideal roofing arrangement.

Country Estate

The Country Estate’s structural style gives a blend of customary and contemporary components to make a rustic look mixing with Australian bushland. The façade highlights blended materials – exemplary blocks in reds, creams and browns are a conspicuous decision to mix normally with a nation range. Weatherboards consolidate with stone cladding or delivered completes and accents of metal in subtleties, for example, uncovered horse shelter style pivots, lighting and entryway furniture. Key structural provisions of a Country Estate are peak style roof lines, casement windows, customary finials and the all-fundamental veranda.