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Top 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Roof Colour

11 February 2021

Have you been standing outside your home contemplating what shading you need to pick for your new roof? Maybe investing too much energy in Pinterest (PS we have a board for that – look at it, here!) googling houses that resemble yours? We get it! Another roof is a major venture and not one that you want to lament. We have a couple of proposals to consider when picking our your new roof tone underneath. Also, remember that we have a dedicated Home Exteriors team that is happy to get you samples and talk you through shading and plan choices as you work to select the ideal roof for your home!

The shade of a roof can change the vibe of your home. Baker Roofing Company will share the top three factors to consider when choosing another roof.

1.The Other Components of Your House ~ Think about the Colors of Your Siding or Windows. What tones may work out in a good way for them? Would you like your roof to match your siding? Choosing a strong tone for your roof isn’t always the most ideal decision. This is because your roof is probably the greatest surface of your home.

2.Architectural Style ~ Not each shading works with each home tone. First, you should decide your home’s style and pick a shading that will best feature its features. You must realize that your shading decision also affects your home’s architecture. Light tones can visually enlarge your home, while dark ones do the inverse.

3.Light hued shingles ~ Lighter shingles mirror the daylight best which assists with keeping your home the coolest. Dark shaded shingles will, in general, absorb the heat and this makes your home warmer. Make sure that you pick a shading that looks great as well as makes you comfortable.