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How Can Your Newly Extended Home Benefit from a Full Roof Replacement?

08 March 2022

The general design of a home property often depends on the needs of a family. And as family members get older, the functionality of the property and its accompanying spaces and rooms may have to be altered and expanded to effectively meet their evolving priorities in life.

For instance, a bedroom for children must be modified a few years later once they grow old. A storage area, alternatively, must be converted into a home office to keep up with the changing times. Home extensions can also be done if there is still enough space for an additional living room, kitchen space, bedroom, storage area, and other significant space.

Now, if you have decided to extend your home, you may want to opt for the full replacement of your roof. While contractors can match the roofing of your newly added space from your old one, opting for a full roof replacement is still recommended due to the following reasons.

New-found Strength

One of the reasons why you must opt for a full roof replacement is it can make your entire roof system strong again. When adding new space to your property, there is a huge chance that contractors will only add a roofing system to this newly added area. However, doing this would leave the old property with aged roof components, which may have already obtained some wear and damages. Going for a full roof replacement, alternatively, changes all your roof systems, eliminating any damages that the old components may possess. It also ensures that the new roof system can withstand outdoor elements.

Energy Preservation

Another reason why opting for a full roof replacement is great for your newly extended home is it can make your property energy efficient again. Your old property may have benefitted from your old roof for a long time. However, as it deteriorates, it can gradually lose the ability to provide efficient cooling on your property spaces. Heat can likewise infiltrate your home easily with old roofing. Once you have extended your home, replacing your entire roof can be a great move if you truly want to make your property energy-efficient. Modern roof materials can even save more energy than previous generations of roof systems.

Added Useful Space

One more benefit of opting for a full roof replacement is it can add more useful space for the property. Newly added areas on your property like bedrooms and bathrooms require roofing that extends beyond them. Now, if the contractors only install roofing on these new spaces, it will only overlap the existing roof system, making the whole roof system inconsistent and not appealing to the eyes. Opting for a full roof replacement, on the other hand, allows your property to preserve its appeal. It can likewise add more useful spaces underneath the new roof system.

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