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Modernise Your Vintage Ancestral Homes with the Best Monier Tile Options from Higgins Roofing

09 April 2021

When your vintage ancestral home requires a new roof, you must be careful to choose roofing tiles that will complement the style of the house in a manner fitting its style and time period. If you fail to do this, you will wind up with two conflicting styles on the same house, and this is not attractive, especially with a ancestral house. Also, with this style of house, you can decrease its market value if you do not stay faithful to its overall style. We are here to explain why you can breathe new life into vintage ancestral homes by installing Monier™ roofing tiles.

Best Monier Tile Options from Higgins Roofing

Concrete tiles from Monier™ contain C-LOC technology to help the tiles retain their colours longer than even COLORBOND® steel. Also, these tiles improve with age since they keep baking and hardening in the heat of the sun. Another advantage is that they are an economical choice for all budget ranges. They are made to endure all of the various Australian conditions including, saltwater exposure.

Terracotta Tiles by Monier™ for a Lifetime Elegance

Terracotta tiles by Monier™ are handmade from Australian raw materials. It also is important to note that terracotta has just as rich of a history as ancestral homes do, if not more so, since the origins of the use of terracotta dates back centuries. You can also rely on Monier™ terracotta tiles to provide you with an energy efficient roof. The colour of these terracotta tiles will last the lifetime of the tiles without fading.

Elemental™ Series of Monier™ for Extreme Weatherproofing

Elemental™ Series of Monier™ tiles will complement any low-pitched roofs on ancestral homes when you select the right model since they are lightweight and withstand any type of environmental condition.

Madison Concrete Tiles for a Historic Flare

The Madison option of the concrete tile has a traditional to historic flare that will work ideally in ancestral houses as a roof. It provides a sophisticated look to the roof while still being minimalist in nature. You can select from an assortment of colours.

Nullarbor Terracotta for a Timeless Beauty

The Nullarbor style of terracotta tiles creates a sleek, sophisticated, streamlined roof that is suitable for many types of architecture ranging from classic or ancestral to highly modern. Numerous colours are available.

For further details about how new tile roofs can give vintage ancestral homes a new life with Monier™ tiles, consult with our company, Higgins Roofing. We specialise in installing Monier™ tiles in new roofs, re-roofing projects, roof restorations and roof extensions. You will receive a 50-year product guarantee from Monier™ along with our seven-year guarantee on our workmanship.