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Reasons Why Autumn Season is a Good Time for Reroofing with Monier Roof Tiles

26 March 2021

At the point when you need another roof installed, autumn is the ideal time of year. After the late spring storms and before the colder time of year freezes, autumn offers great weather for roof installation to prepare your home to face snow, ice, and cold temperatures. Make certain to book your roofing contractor in advance, however; you may have to allow a long time of lead time before he can send a group to your home.

The summer wind, rain, and even hurricanes take a cost for your roof, especially when it is approaching the finish of its normal lifespan. Examine your roof at summer’s end – as well as immediately after a serious tempest – and take care of issues quickly. If you need to arrange a replacement roof, you’ll save cash by doing it according to your timetable and not as a roofing contractor’s surge crisis work.

Ideal Weather

Autumn has the ideal weather conditions for replacing your roof. This allows the shingles’ seal strips to liquefy and adhere appropriately because of the ambient warmth, an interaction known as thermal sealing. At the same time, your roofer will want to work better when it’s not exorbitantly hot.

The shingles must be appropriately sealed before winter tags along. That way, they will be ready to form an airtight and moisture-resistant barrier against cold temperatures. What is more, they are more averse to be brushed off by solid winter winds.

No Further Damages

Another reason to take care of roof replacement in the autumn is that once winter storms startup, any existing small openings or leaks will almost inevitably deteriorate. Add to that the heaviness of heavy snowfall or the danger of ice dams and you have a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Utility Bill Savings

Reroof in autumn to save on heating bills and keep your family comfortable in winter. On the off chance that your HVAC framework is located in the attic, another roof will assist it with operating peak viability.

Autumn Season Reroofing with Monier Roof Tiles

Monier roofs are of fine calibre roofing supplies offering a variety of excellent roofing tile materials, styles, patterns and colours that ensure long-term durability and elegant, stylish curb appeal for your home or business. Higgins Roofing has been providing Monier approved products for top quality roofing and re-roofing services throughout the city of Melbourne and surrounding regions for more than 50 years. Here is why you should choose Monier.

Higgins Roofing in known as the premium supplier of Monier roofing tiles throughout the greater Melbourne area. These attractive, but sturdy tiles will not dent or crease during hail storms, and they will not corrode when exposed to salt water or the continuous, heavy moisture levels of seaside air.