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New Year, New Roof: Signs That Tells You Need Roof Tile Replacement

15 December 2022

A roof can end its useful life organically without suffering a catastrophic breakdown. It has an aged and worn appearance, and you are performing preventative maintenance on your property. However, if replacing an old roof is put off for too long, it might lead to more serious issues in the future. Therefore, keep an eye out for the red flags to ensure that you allow yourself plenty of time to include the assignment on your list of things to accomplish.

When you need assistance with your endeavour to replace your roof, take solace in knowing that the professionals at Higgins Roofing are here to rescue the day!

Interior Danger Signs

A lot of warning indicators may be seen from the interior of your home, even though getting your ladders out may seem like the most obvious move to take while checking your roof tile. It is recommended that you go into your attic and search for the following problems since many concerns may be detected on the interior of your roof.

Dark Streaks

Streaks indicate moisture is pouring in from your roof and have begun an issue with mould. Streaks can also be an indication that mould has already started growing. The presence of dark streaks and patches is almost always a good sign of an issue with dampness and ought to be checked as soon as possible.

Damage Caused by Water

Broken tiles in your home may be to blame for any signs of water or leaks spotted within your residence. These tiles will need to be replaced. If the signs of water damage are in your attic or appear in areas with no pipework, it is important to investigate the condition of your roof tiles. Leaks inside the home can be caused by damaged pipes or leaking fixtures; however, if the signs of water damage are in your attic or appear in areas where there is no pipework.

Light Penetration

If you stroll into your attic and notice light coming in at some points, this is often the result of damaged or cracked roof tiles. Even the smallest of cracks can let in a visible shaft of light, and a roof that is properly secured should not let any light penetrate the inside of the house.


Any sagging is a warning sign that there may be a significant problem with the structure of the building. Broken tiles can allow water to collect in the roof rafters, leading to mould and decay if left unchecked. Because of this, the wood begins to suffer from a loss of structural integrity, so portions of the roof may begin to sag. Despite the severity of the problem and the urgency with which it demands attention, it may be fixed by replacing the tiles.

Outside Warning Signs

While certain internal symptoms may indicate a roof problem, an external check may reveal problems that are not obvious from within your home. Among the outside warning indicators are:

Broken Tiles

Damaged tiles are a solid indicator of the necessity for roof tile replacement. If any of your tiles are decaying, ripped, worn, cracked, buckling, loose, or curled, they must be replaced.

Moss Or Algae

Algae or moss on your roof is a symptom of possible moisture damage, which can lead to rotting roof tiles.

Granules In Your Gutters

If you find roof tile fragments in your gutters, your tiles are decaying and need to be replaced.

Roof tile replacement can solve various roof problems and eliminate the need for more urgent and costly repairs. A single cracked roof tile can weaken your roof and allow water to enter your home. If you feel that your roof tiles are broken or missing, our recommended specialists can assist you with professional roof repairs and tile replacement.