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Benefits of a Monier SOLARtile™ Installation

11 October 2018

Solar power is such an effective way to decrease energy bills that many homeowners here in Australia are incorporating solar power systems into their roofs today. If you are hesitating to take this action with your own house since you fear that you will need to give up style for function, you do not need to any longer. Thanks to a Monier SOLARtile™ installation, you can reap all the following benefits of owning a solar power system and still have a highly stylish, attractive roof.

You Can Incorporate the SOLARtile™ Tiles Into Your Monier Concrete Roof

The first benefit is the fact that the SOLARtile™ tiles integrate into your Monier concrete roof in a stylish, elegant fashion rather than just sitting on top of your roof like traditional solar power systems do on roofs. You just replace an existing section with these interlocking tiles in any type of configuration that suits your needs and roof line. Since they sit flush with the concrete tiles you receive a smooth, sleek, highly efficient solar-collecting area that seems more a part of the roof than a separate system. Not only do SOLARtile™ tiles install with ease without disturbing the integrity of the roof, they also are durable enough to stand up to wind, rain, hail and other weather elements than the traditional solar power systems.

Installation Is Easy 

Another benefit of the SOLARtile™ tiles is that their installation is easy. They are compatible with certain Monier concrete profiles to such an extent that there is no need to cut, drill or grind through any part of your existing roof to install these tiles. Also, upon request, they are available with home battery setups.

Do Not Settle for Second Best 

Never settle for a poorly made solar power system that is behind the times when you can own the best with a high-tech SOLARtile™ setup that as current as possible and is customisable for your Monier concrete roof. Let us also note here that SOLARtile™ is the first of its specific characteristics for a solar power system here in Australia. Enjoy highly efficient solar power without compromising your home’s stylish appearance or your needs.

For further details about the benefits of a Monier SOLARtile™ installation, consult with Higgins Roofing. We are a distributor and installer for Monier roofing products, including this one. Our company will meet with you to discover your needs and specifications in order to guide you on the exact configuration that meets your requirements in the ideal manner. On top of this, you will receive a warranty from Monier on the SOLARtile™ tiles along with a guarantee of our workmanship.