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First flush diverters are a basic segment in any rain harvesting system. These gadgets redirect and catch the most polluted, dregs loaded water that washes into your lines from your roof during the first starting millimetres of a downpour. When this defiled water is caught, the diverters seal to permit the ensuing, cleaner water to stream past and into your tank.

By keeping these toxins out of your tanks, first flush diverters help to improve your water quality and wellbeing, expand the life of your siphons and apparatuses and diminish tank upkeep necessities. These advantages have been affirmed by specialists and by driving water siphon makers as well.

From the primer outcomes, specialists inferred that the nature of water improves drastically when first flush diverters are utilized. These discoveries reinforce the importance of utilizing first flush diverters as a component of your Rain Harvesting system’s general plan.

First Flush or Rain Diverters, as the name suggests, flush off the first water of a tempest before it enters the capacity tank. This is the water that could be the most defiled by specifics, flying creature droppings, and other materials laying on the roof. Wiping out these toxins before they go into your capacity and transport system is the basic to keeping water clean.

What The Pump Manufacturers Say

Driving water siphon producers suggest the utilization of first flush diverters to improve the nature of the water you gather and expand the life of your siphons.

Post-tank water siphons regularly use a mechanical seal to guarantee water doesn’t infiltrate into the siphon’s electric engine. First flush diverters help keep dregs and other flotsam and jetsam from wearing out this seal (which can bring about siphons spilling), getting trapped in the siphon impeller or sticking up other siphon parts.

Your water tank might be needed to be introduced with a first flush diverter. Introducing a first flush gadget is fundamental to diminish the prologue to the water tank of residue and other materials which can dirty the water. Even where it’s anything but a necessity of your nearby water authority, specialists suggest the utilization of an appropriate first flush diverter or potentially water delta sifters.

Check for garbage in the lower part of your tank a couple of times each year and clear this out if essential. A first flush system will extraordinarily diminish the requirement for this activity. Across the globe, first flush redirection is perceived as a principal some portion of the Rain Harvesting measure.

On the off chance that you need to ensure your water quality by keeping however many broke down and undissolved particles out of your tank as could be allowed, then you need to fuse first flush redirection in your downpour reaping system plan.


Summer season is the most favourable time for reroofing projects due to many reasons. First, the temperatures are ideal for reroofing or roof replacement as compared to the chilly weather of the winter. Secondly, roofers have a less hectic schedule in the summer. There is also less chance of rain interfering with the roofing task during this season. Aside from that, no snow or ice will fall which reduces the hazardous conditions of the already risky project. Lastly, you will have an ample time to prepare your roof for the colder months of the year. And what better time to prep your roof than in the summer with Monier InLine Solar Roofing.

Solar power is such an effective way to decrease energy bills that many homeowners here in Australia are incorporating solar power systems into their roofs today. If you are hesitating to take this action with your own house since you fear that you will need to give up style for function, you do not need to any longer. Thanks to a Monier SOLARtile™ installation, you can reap all the following benefits of owning a solar power system and still have a highly stylish, attractive roof.

You Can Incorporate the SOLARtile™ Tiles Into Your Monier Concrete Roof

The first benefit is the fact that the SOLARtile™ tiles integrate into your Monier concrete roof in a stylish, elegant fashion rather than just sitting on top of your roof like traditional solar power systems do on roofs. You just replace an existing section with these interlocking tiles in any type of configuration that suits your needs and roof line. Since they sit flush with the concrete tiles you receive a smooth, sleek, highly efficient solar-collecting area that seems more a part of the roof than a separate system. Not only do SOLARtile™ tiles install with ease without disturbing the integrity of the roof, they also are durable enough to stand up to wind, rain, hail and other weather elements than the traditional solar power systems.

Installation Is Easy

Another benefit of the SOLARtile™ tiles is that their installation is easy. They are compatible with certain Monier concrete profiles to such an extent that there is no need to cut, drill or grind through any part of your existing roof to install these tiles. Also, upon request, they are available with home battery setups.

Do Not Settle for Second Best

Never settle for a poorly made solar power system that is behind the times when you can own the best with a high-tech SOLARtile™ setup that as current as possible and is customisable for your Monier concrete roof. Let us also note here that SOLARtile™ is the first of its specific characteristics for a solar power system here in Australia. Enjoy highly efficient solar power without compromising your home’s stylish appearance or your needs.

For further details about the benefits of a Monier SOLARtile™ installation, consult with Higgins Roofing. We are a distributor and installer for Monier roofing products, including this one. Our company will meet with you to discover your needs and specifications in order to guide you on the exact configuration that meets your requirements in the ideal manner. On top of this, you will receive a warranty from Monier on the SOLARtile™ tiles along with a guarantee of our workmanship.




Many people often make the mistake of thinking that their roof is not an important consideration when it comes to renovating your home in style. Your roof not only protects your home and everything inside but is also one of the largest and most obvious features that people see when they look at a home. So, the question is how roof restorations can rejuvenate the look of your home.

Improved Aesthetic Value

There is nothing better than a well-maintained roof when it comes to the aesthetics of your house. In comparison to other parts of the house, the roof is more prone to the destruction caused due to external factors. Replacing your roof or restoring its original beauty will not only increase the life of your roof but also improve its aesthetics. The roof is one of first things people see when looking at your home! A new roof is often not needed to update the look of your home. A coat of fresh paint on your roof can do wonders to the look and feel of a home. A restoration will be much more cost effective than a brand-new roof and will add to your home’s value. However, if your roof needs replacement this will be a sound investment whether or not you are planning to sell the house.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient roofing is also becoming a growing factor that more and more home buyers are considering. People are not only wary of the increasing cost of energy in Australia but are also taking conscious steps to reduce their carbon footprint. By offering a home with a roof that is well insulated, uses electricity free ventilators (e.g. solar vents or whirlybirds) or has a heat reflective coating may actually be very enticing to many potential home owners!

It is important to note that a new roof will not always provide you with the best return on investment, especially if the roof is in relatively good condition already! Concrete tiles have a minimum life span of 20 years and terracotta tiles have a minimum life span of 50 years, but often last much longer.

Cost Effective

Roof restoration costs much less than a replacement. Sometimes, the cost for a roof restoration can reach only a third of the total cost for a roof replacement. It’s also worth noting that roof restorations take up lesser time than replacement. A quick restoration is the best for quick fixes while you save up for the roof replacements.

When you consult the roofing experts at Higgins Roofing, you will receive top caliber advice, guidance, choice of roofing materials and roof installation services. By engaging with these fine professionals, you will be sure to benefit from highest quality re-roofing to satisfy your exterior home updating needs. Your home will gain superior, eco-friendly roofing with excellent degrees of durability, resilience and longevity as well as a highly attractive, major element of exterior decor.



Monier roofs are of fine calibre roofing supplies offering a variety of excellent roofing tile materials, styles, patterns and colours that ensure long-term durability and elegant, stylish curb appeal for your home or business. Higgins Roofing has been providing Monier approved products for top quality roofing and re-roofing services throughout the city of Melbourne and surrounding regions for more than 50 years. Here is why you should choose Monier.

Superior Monier Tile Roofing Supplier for Melbourne Area

Higgins Roofing in known as the premium supplier of Monier roofing tiles throughout the greater Melbourne area. These attractive, but sturdy tiles will not dent or crease during hail storms, and they will not corrode when exposed to salt water or the continuous, heavy moisture levels of seaside air.

Both concrete and terracotta roof tiles have a lesser embodied energy count than many other building and roofing materials. This is due to the fact that lower amounts of energy consumption occur during their production than the energy levels required to manufacture numerous other roofing and construction materials. The different major types of Monier tiles are considered supreme quality roofing materials for the following reasons:

Monier tiling has proven over time to be a highly effective, cost-efficient and attractive roofing solution for Melbourne’s home and business owners. This top-tier brand of roof tiles is suitable for many different sizes, styles and types of residences and commercial structures in myriad settings throughout this entire locale.

When you engage the expert services of Higgins Roofing in Doncaster East, Victoria, you will receive top quality advice, roofing tiles and installation of your new Monier tile roof. The highly experienced professionals at Higgins will ensure that your new or updated roofing is water-tight, secure, effective and cost-efficient as well as long-lasting and attractive. Your newly installed or refurbished roof will display high degrees of curb appeal for increased visibility and market value for your home or commercial property.



One of the most basic parts of our home is the roof! Here and there, when you are paying an extravagant sum for your private stylistic theme, repair and maintenance, it is fundamental to think about the roof in the wide plan of things. A very much organized house with a decrepit and poorly maintained roof looks dreadful.

Roof restoration is the ideal extension for refreshing your home in a modern and upscale way. The roof restoration can guarantee that the roof amasses less earth. It will likewise keep warmth and upgrade your living arrangement’s energy effectiveness. Concerning the style, you can see the distinction in a flash.

Roof restoration is a reasonable arrangement that can help you add to your savings in the long haul. Subsequently, what just began as an interest to change the roof tone, may very well add some fundamental long haul benefits. However, before you start, it is basic to check your roof condition as of now. It very well may be watching destroyed which is a sign, that it needs restoration. In any case, people who opt for a complete roof restoration regularly submits a couple of mistakes which prompts serious issues. Below are the major mistakes when opting for a roof restoration.

Starting a Huge Roof Restoration Work Without Anyone Else

The cycle of a roof fix is unpredictable and includes basic errands. It is clear that on the off chance that you do it without anyone else, you may save money on two or three dollars toward the beginning. In any case, simply if your efforts backfire, it will end up being costly over the long haul. An expert roofer is furnished with the right abilities and mastery to do the cycle consummately and cost-adequately.

No Extra Paints for Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is one of the most enduring roof materials. In any case, it needs a couple of additional consideration strategies. You need to analyze the roof condition consistently and make all the necessary fixes. The metal roofs are commonly made out of different materials when contrasted with different pieces of your home. Thus, utilizing comparative paint won’t permit you to get the best results. There are particular paints for metal roofing that accompany highlights, for example, warmth, fire and water obstruction. It additionally is erosion and rustproofing.

No Roofing Sealants

When you ignore a sealant before you apply the metal paint, you submit a colossal slip-up. When you don’t utilize this sealant, the metal paint probably won’t conform to your roofing surface. It may likewise get stripped off throughout some time. Another significant rule is to guarantee that the sealant you are utilizing is in a state of harmony with the paint properties also.

Wrong Use of Items

Not many items may bring about more harms to the roof! It is because only one out of every odd roofing item is well-suited for each sort of roofs. Today, explicit organizations who know about the roofing items will take into account all your roofing necessities.