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The Spanish architectural style is quite popular here in Australia. It not only is reminiscent of the architectural traditions that the Spanish Empire spread to various parts of the world during the twentieth century, but this style also is full of romantic charm and even earthy characteristics. While you can stray from the basis of this style a bit to make your house unique, you must adhere to certain signature features to ensure that you capture the overall feeling of this style accurately. One such signature feature is a roof that tends to be low-pitched and contains terracotta tiles. To guarantee that your roof holds up durably over the years with your Spanish-style Australian home, choose nothing but the best, which just happens to be Monier™ terracotta tiles.

Monier™ Terracotta Tiles Are Manufactured With Local Materials

Not only does Monier™ make its terracotta roof tiles here is Australia from local materials, but the company also tests the tiles in the weather and environmental conditions that occur in this country. By doing this, the company can fully guarantee that its tiles will hold up for years in a resilient fashion.

Terracotta Is a Time-Tested Material for Roofing

Another reason to use the terracotta tiles from Monier™ is that their material is historically correct for the Spanish
style of home. Terracotta has been used for many purposes for centuries, including roofs.

Monier™ Offers Different Profiles and Colours in Its Terracotta Tiles

You have numerous choices as far as colours and profiles when you decide to install Monier™ terracotta tiles for your Spanish-style Australian home. Select according to your overall colour scheme and the degree of pitch that your roof contains. For a low-pitched roof, you will need the Nouveau profile in these tiles. We explain this further in the next section.

The Modern Nouveau Profile of Terracotta Tiles From Monier™ Is Suitable for Low-Pitched Roofs

If you need to achieve a pitch as low as 12 degrees, the modern Nouveau profiles in these tiles accomplishes this with the addition of sarking. Also, this profile is highly contemporary in appearance.

The Monier™ Terracotta Tiles Are Energy Efficient

An additional reason to use these tiles on your Spanish-style roof and house is that they are energy efficient during the manufacturing process as well as for your home. Your house will stay warmer in cold weather and cooler in cold weather, thanks to their high thermal performance.

For further facts about using Monier™ terracotta tiles in your Spanish-style Australian home, consult with Higgins Roofing. We specialise in all types of roofing jobs and in installing Monier™ roofing tiles.

You must select your roofing carefully for any style of roof today to ensure that your home is thoroughly protected. This fact goes double for flat roof designs for modern houses since all materials are not suited to low-pitched roofs. Also, you need a resilient choice that will last for years without major issues happening constantly. Monier™ offers different styles of roofing tiles that will fit your needs perfectly. Learn additional facts about this topic in the following.

Monier™ Roofing Tiles Come in Different Styles

One benefit of choosing Monier™ tiles for your roof is the fact that you have a choice and are not just limited to one style. This company makes terracotta and concrete roofing tiles along with the Elemental™ series ones. All of them come in different profiles and colours to widen your choices even more. In addition, Monier™ tests each group of tiles in the various Australian conditions to ensure that they will stand up throughout the years durably.

Some of Monier™ Roof Tiles Are Suitable for Low-Pitched Roofs

All of the concrete roofing tiles from this company are suitable for flat roofs since they will go down as low as a 15-degree pitch with sarking. The concrete in them keeps hardening even after installation to increase its durability. Monier™ roofing tiles in its Elemental™ series are innovative, streamlined, contemporary and lightweight in design, and they are manufactured specifically for low-pitched roofs like the flat ones. Depending upon the style of this series that you select, the tiles are suitable of a pitch as low as 10 to 15 degrees. With the terracotta tiles, the Nouveau modern profile is the one to select for a flat roof due to the fact that it will reach a pitch of 12 degrees with sarking.

Monier™ Backs Their Products with a Substantial Guarantee

SinceMonier™ knows that their roofing tiles are high-quality ones, they back each of their tiles with a lengthy guarantee. This protects you and other homeowners who select these tiles for their flat roofs. If you ever have an issue with one of Monier™ tiles during the guarantee period, the company will make it right.

To learn additional reasons why Monier™ tiles are ideal for flat roof designs for a modern home, contact Higgins Roofing. We specialise in installing any of the roof tiles from this company. Along with the guarantee from Monier™, we offer our own on our workmanship and other roofing materials. Upon request, we will issue you a quote for your specific roofing project.