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Whether you need re-roofing or roof restoration with quality Monier™ tiles, you may wonder when the best time of the year is to receive such services in this area of Australia. The quick and easy answer to your pondering is the summer season. We share more in-depth information about why we say this in the following facts.

Temperatures Are Ideal for Re-Roofing or Roof Replacement in the Summer Season

You will not need to worry about the roofing activities minimising the thermal effectiveness of your roof during the roofing activities, as you may in the colder months when your house could lose heat. It is true that the house may be a bit warmer during the roofing project if extensive work is necessary to install the Monier™ tiles of your choice but that is better than colder when the temperatures turn chilly.

Roofers Have a Less Hectic Schedule in the Summer

Another reason that summer is the ideal time for roofing projects with Monier™ tiles is that the roofers are easier to hire. Most property owners are too busy with outdoor activities to fret over their roofs. Take advantage of this and hire your roofing services during these warm months.

Less Chance of Rain Interfering with the Roofing Tasks

Typically, it rains less during the summer in this part of the country than it does other times of the year. As a result, you will have a lower risk of rain delays.

No Snow or Ice during the Summer Months

Summer also is perfect for roofing projects due to the fact that there is no risk of ice or snow. Even though roofers will work under these conditions when necessary, they may charge you more for the hazardous conditions or the work will be delayed until the snow or ice clears.

Summer Roofing Projects Prepare the Roof for the Colder Months of the Year

Performing re-roofing and roof restoration projects with Monier™ tiles in the summertime prepares your roof for the colder months of autumn and winter. It is during these months that the roof has to perform in an optimal fashion to protect your house even more so than the rest of the year.

For further details about why summer season is the ideal time to perform re-roofing or roof repair projects with Monier™ tiles, consult with Higgins Roofing. We specialise in installing all the types of roofing that Monier™ has to offer you. You also receive a Monier™ warranty on top of our guarantee of satisfaction.

When you require a new roof for one reason or another, it is easy to become overwhelmed considering all of the possibilities today. You need to consider what type of material is ideal for the pitch, support structure and style of your home. Also, it should stand up durably to the climate and environmental conditions here in Australia. We are here to explain why Monier™ Elemental™ composite and lightweight roof tiles are ideal for roofing in the following details.

What Are Monier™ Elemental™ Roof Tiles?

Elemental™ roofing tiles are streamlined and innovative in design to complement today’s contemporary house styles here in Australia. The tiles are manufactured with an advanced fibre reinforced composite that was originally created for the automotive and aerospace industries. This line of tiles is also lightweight and designed for low-pitch roofs. In fact, these tiles can reach a pitch down to 10 to 15 degrees, depending on their profile.

The Profiles of Elemental™ Roofing Tiles

Since these roofing tiles come in the following profiles, you have flexibility in how you design your roof:

• Ultra
• Square
• Slate
• Shingle

*Note: In addition to the different profiles, the Ultra panels are 1500 mm x 750 mm and the Square version is 750 mm x 750 mm for further design options.

Elemental™ Roof Tiles Come in Various Colours

Another reason that Monier™ Elemental™ roof tiles are ideal for roofing is the fact that they come in the following shades:

• Salt Spray is the lightest and is almost white
• Sandstorm is a bit darker than Salt Spray but still a neutral tone
• Urban Ash is towards the Taupe shade
• Graphite, Inkstone and Midnight are the darkest of the colours offered in Elemental™roof tiles

Your Roof Will Be Strong Without Excessive Weight

Elemental™ roofing tiles are lightweight and will not add excessive bulk to your roof, regardless of the style or size of it. For this reason, they are easy to install and do not require additional roof support as with heavier roofing materials.

Monier™ Has Specially Designed Elemental™ Roof Tiles to Stand up in the Australian Conditions

Due to the fact that Monier™ has created and tested the Elemental™ roofing tiles here in Australia, these tiles stand up to all of the weather and environmental challenges that this country has to offer. The tiles will withstand high-winds, UV exposure, salty coastal locations, rain, storms, extreme heat and heavy hail. Also, they will not corrode or rust over time. They retain their strength, durability and integrity, and come with a 30-year structural guarantee.

For further details about what makes Monier™ Elemental™ composite and lightweight roof tiles ideal for roofing, consult with our company of Higgins Roofing. We will guide you to the profile and colour of these tiles that will suit your need in the best way along with providing you with an expert installation.