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Concrete is an extremely durable material that is used for many projects today, including roofing. It will stand up to heat, rain and other weather and environmental elements. At present, Monier® is the leading brand of concrete roof tiles and boasts that the concrete in the tiles keeps hardening and strengthening over the years with exposure to the heat of the sun. While this may be difficult to believe, we are here to explain why this is true.

What Is Cement?

The reason that we are explaining cement before we get to the subject of concrete is that many consider the two the same substance. This belief is wrong since cement is seldom used on its own as it is binder for other ingredients. Basic recipe for cement is typically a mixture of shells, limestone and marl or chalk along with clay, shale, silica sand, blast furnace slag, iron ore and slate. Once all of the materials are mixed together at high temperatures, a rock-like substance forms, and it is this substance that is ground down to the fine powder that we know as cement. Portland cement is the most well-known cement at present.

What Is Concrete?

Now that you understand the meaning of cement, we can explain what concrete is today. Concrete consists of a mixture of water, cement and aggregate in the form of sand, gravel or rock. In powder form, the concrete is minus the water. Once the water is added to form a paste, the concrete can be spread and formed into tiles or other shapes depending upon the purpose of the project. For this information, though, we will just be talking about roofing tiles.

Concrete Tiles By Monier® Keep Strengthening Over Time

The concrete in the Monier® tiles keep hardening and strengthening for decades after they are made and installed on your roof. Research shows that concrete can keep strengthening for decades before it even begins to deteriorate. On top of this fact, Monier® makes its concrete tiles from premium materials to ensure that their roofing tiles are as strong and as durable as possible.

Other Information About Monier® Concrete Tiles

For further facts about Monier® concrete tiles becoming stronger with age, consult with Higgins Roofing. We specialise in installing all of the roofing options that Monier® offers. Along with our own guarantee of quality workmanship, you will receive a 50-year guarantee from Monier® to cover its tiles.

All homeowners must take the quality of their roof seriously since it play a crucial role in the protection of the entire structure, regardless of its size. When the installation of it is properly performed, the roof will last for many years and offer an optimal amount of protection. However, if you receive a poor-quality roofing or roof tile installation, you will be faced with many unfortunate issues in just a short time. You must take this situation seriously as it calls for immediate attention.

What Can Go Wrong With a Roof Installation?

The answer to this question varies depending upon the type of roofing material that is in the roof, but some of the common issues are as follows:

Issues That a Poor-Quality Roofing or Roof Tile Installation Can Cause

A poorly performed roof installation can cause the roof to come apart piece by piece for one thing. When the sheathing is not thick enough to support the weight of the roofing material, the roof can collapse into the structure. Leaks also can develop in poorly constructed roofs and can lead to yet other problems. When water enters the house through holes in the roof, it can ruin the insulation, ceiling, walls and flooring along with encouraging the growth of mildew and mould. To repair any of these issues or other problems that come about from a poorly installed roof, it can cost an enormous amount of money.

How to Ensure That You Receive a Quality Roof Installation

To guarantee that your roofing installation is the right quality to protect your structure, you need to ensure that you hire only an experienced roofing company. Select one that uses durable, well-made materials and installs roofs with expert workmanship.

For further details about why you should take a poor-quality roofing or roof tile installation seriously, consult with Higgins Roofing. In fact, we will help you avoid this problem completely in a new construction since we are experts in every aspect of roofing. Also, we can cure any ill-prepared roof in existing structures. Each roofing project that we perform comes with a guarantee of quality and appropriate warranties on the roofing materials.